FirecrackerHealth is a digital health (SaaS) company offering a Virtual Healthcare System (VHS) for Healthcare Organizations to extend care to their patients beyond bricks and mortar offering continuous 24/7 care.  Firecracker’s mission is Humanizing Healthcare and our system assures that the patient and their village of family, friends and volunteers are at the center of care and coordination.

We partner and work with healthcare industry clients that strive to:

"We believe the cornerstone to Humanizing Healthcare and supporting our clients’ goals requires transforming the approach to Care Delivery centered around an engaged Consumer-Patient and activating their natural support network of family and friends."

The VHS is a multi-part platform made up of a Hub and is implemented by clients leveraging six Modules with a portfolio of Use Case solutions.  Modules are comprised of  best-in-class platforms, tools, virtual staff and services used to deliver virtual care solutions that transform the experience between the

healthcare provider, patient, and their family.  The VHS Use Case solutions are configured to meet client specific needs to improve consumer engagement, access, continuity and quality of care with the goal of positively impacting outcomes and patient satisfaction while managing costs.


  • Televideo
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Devices
  • Text, Email, Application, Social Media Communication Platform
  • Secure Medical Grade Hospital-to-Home Connectivity

   Virtual Healthcare Connectivity Module



  • Consumer Engagement and Relationship Management Platform
  • “Care Community” Activation platform
  • Content
  • Longitudinal Life Record
  • Medication Management

Consumer-Patient Relationship Management



  • Care Triage
  • Care Coordination
  • Care Management
  • Care Console

Care Communication Module

Team Module

  • Virtual Staff Augmentation Services
  • Caring Village Coordinator
  • Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Urgent Care Staffing
  • Use Case Staffing


  • Actionable Data
  • Data Collection
  • Data Aggregation and Exchange
  • Data Analytics across Devices (individual, population)
  • Distribution
  • Authentication, security, data life-cycle management

Intelligence Module


  • Virtual Care Triage
  • Behavioral Health Collaborative Care
  • Consumer Engagement Programs
  • Transition of Care & Readmission Prevention 
  • Chronic Condition Support & Management
  • Aging in Place Support & Management
  • Emergency & Urgent Care Facilitation

Use Cases Module

We work with our clients to focus on Use Cases that can dramatically improve the bottom line.

  • Virtual Care Triage
  • Behavioral Health Collaborative Care
  • Consumer Engagement Programs
  • Transition of Care & Readmission Prevention 
  • Chronic Condition Support & Management
  • Aging in Place Support & Management
  • Emergency & Urgent Care Facilitation


By working with FirecrackerHealth, our clients leverage a “cooperative health” approach instantly impacting healthcare outcomes and the patient-family experience creating a re-vitalized brand perception in their market.

We collaborate with our clients to develop and deliver solutions that provide them the information and insights needed to create the human connection in healthcare, and succeed in a value-based world.

We address the immediate needs and challenges that our healthcare clients are experiencing in the new healthcare economy and the urgency of implementing digital health solutions such as:

Technology Services: Application Evaluation, Planning, Development & Integration


Implementation: Strategic Initiatives Development and Planning



Clinical, Business & Technology Workflow



Network Contract Renegotiation:

Assessment, Review & Renegotiation



Healthcare Project Management Office

At FirecrackerHealth, we operationalize our passion to Humanize Healthcare by offering industry clients an ever-evolving portfolio of best-in-class platforms, technology applications, virtual staff, and services implementing and integrating solutions into clinical and business workflows to humanize the Consumer Health Experience.

other stuff we do

FirecrackerHealth is:


A healthcare innovation company utilizing technology to enhance individual and population health among those with chronic conditions, aging in place, challenging disabilities, and their caregivers and natural support network.


An integrator of technology and services creating robust solution sets not provided by any one company.


Supporting healthcare clients by extending their organization, brand, and team through our Virtual Healthcare System suite of technologies, strategies, and staff augmentation.


  • Passionate about Humanizing Healthcare


  • Optimizing the Patient Experience by transforming Care Delivery leveraging Firecracker’s Consumer-centric Virtual Healthcare System


  • Leveraging Digital Health Platforms and Services to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to meet their Use Case goals


  • Extending and enhancing a continuous relationship between patients and healthcare organizations across the continuum of care


  • Trusted strategic advisors and problem solvers
  • Integrating and activating all Stakeholders including an individual's natural support network of family, friends and community volunteers


  • Improving patient satisfaction, increasing quality of care, and optimizing health outcomes through consumer engagement, empowerment and activation


  • Retaining patients and expanding customer pipelines through proactive community engagement


  • Collecting actionable data


  • Making the Home Team part of the Health Team

Humanizing healthcare means hardwiring humanity at every point of care

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